Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Sciences du Numérique

Le LISN recrute / LISN is hiring

LISN, research laboratory situated in the heart of Université Paris-Saclay,  among the top 20 universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking, and the first in continental Europe,  is opening two Junior Professor Chairs. 

This is a new type of "tenure track" position started this year in France: a special Associate Professor position, called "Chaire Professeur Junior", with a fast track to tenured, Full Professor within about 5 years. This new type of Associate Professor position has a reduced teaching load of 64 hours per year, compared to the standard 192 hours of usual positions. Additionally, the Junior Professor will automatically receive a one-shot 200 k€ starting grant from the National Research Agency (typically to hire a post-doc or doctoral student, for travel expenses, etc.).  Info on Universite-Paris-Saclay website

About language in a French environment: interaction in the research team can be performed in English. Teaching is in French or in English depending on the classes. If needed, the successful candidate can teach entirely in English initially, but is expected to be able to teach in French too after a couple of years.    


TAL-BioInfo / NLP-BioInformatics

 Traitement auto matique des textes biomédicaux, analyse et intégration de données biologique (TAL-BioInfo) / Biomedical Natural Language Processing, Biological data analysis and integration (NLP-BioInformatics)

The general objective of the project of which this position is part is to build bridges between two areas: natural language processing of biomedical texts and integration of biological data. The research environment is that of the natural language processing team of the LISN Language Sciences and Technologies department and/or the Bioinformatics team of the LISN Data Science department. Note that for this position, the starting grant is 350 k€ instead of 200 k€.

Important : please contact the LISN's person (see below) 

Détails de l'offre sur le site de l'Université Paris-Saclay/ More details on this offer on Université Paris-Saclay's website 


Physique et réseaux de neurones (PIGrann) /
Physics and Neural Networks (PIGrann)

 The general objective is the integration of physical laws and models (partial differential equations, numerical simulations, order parameters, phase transition; non exhaustive list) and machine learning with data and knowledge (regarding e.g. the structure of the domain, such as invariance groups).

 Détails de l'offre sur le site de l'Université Paris-Saclay/ More details on this offer Université Paris-Saclay's website


Apprentissage Automatique pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues /Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing

The general objective is to consolidate French laboratories of excellence in NLP (LISN, LIG, LORIA) on particularly strategic aspects or sovereign issues: automatic processing of the French language (written/oral), specific application domains with few learning resources or poorly covered by generic models (for instance, in the areas of security, defense, or health), as well as in connection with educational applications/platforms and assistance to people with disabilities. This position implies a reduced teaching load of 42 hours a year for the contract duration. Afterward, the role of Senior CNRS Researcher does not mean any mandatory teaching. The tenure track includes a financial environment of 300,000 € for the project (200,000 € from ANR plus one Ph.D. thesis).

Information sur cette offre / more details on this offer:   https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CPJ/CPJ-2022-020/Default.aspx?Lang=EN and https://www.cnrs.fr/en/cnrsinfo/join-cnrs-25-tenure-track-positions-available

Important : please contact the LISN's person (see below) 

Application instructions

It is vital for interested candidates to contact the following people before applying:
- BioNLP / BioInformatics
  - Research: Pierre Zweigenbaum <pierre.zweigenbaum@lisn.upsaclay.fr> (BioNLP) and Sarah Cohen-Boulakia <sarah.cohen-boulakia@lisn.upsaclay.fr> (Bioinformatics)
  - Teaching: Computer Science Department <presidence-dept-info.sciences@u-psud.fr>
  - Research: Dominique Quadri dominique.quadri@lisn.fr , Michele Sebag michele.sebag@lisn.fr ,  Guillaume Charpiat guillaume.charpiat@inria.fr
  - Teaching: Computer Science Department <presidence-dept-info.sciences@u-psud.fr> 

- Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing

  - Research: LISN: Gilles Adda (Gilles.Adda@lisn.upsaclay.fr) LIG: François Portet (francois.portet@imag.fr) LORIA: Christophe Cerisara (christophe.cerisara@loria.fr)

- Teaching : Teaching activities will be part of the specific programs developed by the University of Paris Saclay (contact name: Dominique Quadri presidence-dept-info.sciences@u-psud.fr), the University of Grenoble Alpes (contact name: Massih-Reza.Amini@grenoble-inp.fr), or the University of Lorraine (contact name: Maxime Amblard maxime.amblard@loria.fr) in the field of artificial intelligence.