Colloquium, Sciences et Technologies des langues

Nudge and conversational agents: ethical, emotional and societal issues” conference

Colloquium organized on 19/10/2023 in Paris in partnership with the Digital Humanism department of Collège des Bernardins, and the CNRS HUMAAINE Human-Affective Interaction & Ethics chair at LISN.

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This conference invites us to reflect on the ethical issues raised by linguistic and affective nudge* in our interactions with chatbots and conversational robots, and to question the consequences for society. Following a study* carried out by the Collège des Bernardins’ Digital Humanism research team, in partnership with the CNRS HUMAAINE Human-Affective Interaction & Ethics chair at LISN, Université Paris-Saclay, researchers specializing in AI and social robotics, linguistics, behavioral economics, philosophy and theology will be on hand to discuss the issues based on their work and reflections.

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  • Sciences et Technologies des Langues


    Devillers Laurence

    Professor at Sorbonne Université

    Reseracher in Artficial Intelligence

    President of Fondation Blaise Pascal de médiation en mathématiques et

  • Sciences et Technologies des Langues


    Vasilescu Ioana

    Research director

    Team coordinator

    Corpus linguistics, spoken language variation, multilingual corpora

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