The specificities of the EVE system, such as its very large dimensions, high quality multi-user stereoscopy, haptic and 3D audio rendering, make it a unique device in the world at the cutting edge of technology in the Virtual Reality field.

The EVE system is a device that includes :

  • A CAVE type display device (BARCO technology) composed of 4 to 7 large HD screens of about 10m² around a 13m² retroprojected glass slab. One of the screens is articulated to change the geometry of the device into a very high resolution screen wall.
  • Two projectors per screen to provide a separate stereoscopic rendering for two users (multi-stereoscopy), allowing to simulate and research collaborative work in virtual environments.
  • Very advanced 3D audio devices, binaural or ambisonic, with exceptional rendering quality due to the acoustic isolation of the building and around the projectors;
  • Haptic rendering in the entire 13m² device thanks to the Scale 1 / Boom 3D device from the French company HAPTION.