UniDive (action COST)

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Budget : 600000 €

COST (via Horizon 2020)

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Agata Savary

Efficient access to the constantly growing quantities of data, especially of language data, largely relies on advances in data science. This domain includes natural language processing (NLP), which is currently booming, to the benefit of many end users. However, this optimization-based technological progress poses an important challenge: accounting for and fostering language diversity. The UniDive Action takes two original stands on this challenge. Firstly, it aims at embracing both inter- and intra-language diversity, i.e. a diversity understood both in terms of the differences among the existing languages and of the variety of linguistic phenomena exhibited within a language. Secondly, UniDive does not assume that linguistic diversity is to be protected against technological progress but strives for both of these aims jointly, to their mutual benefit. Its approach is to: (i) pursue NLP-applicable universality of terminologies and methodologies, (ii) quantify inter- and intra-linguistic diversity, (iii) boost and coordinate universality- and diversity-driven development of language resources and tools. UniDive builds upon previous experience of European networks and projects which provided a proof of concept for language modelling and processing, unified across many languages but preserving their diversity. The main benefits of the Action will include, on the theoretical side, a better understanding of language universals, and on the practical side, language resources and tools covering, in a unified framework, a bigger variety of language phenomena in a large number of languages, including low-resourced and endangered ones.